Word of the Day

Word of the Day- November 24, 2018


  1. Could anybody make any connections?
  2. Were you able to visualize anything?
  3. Can anybody come up with any synonyms

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12 thoughts on “Word of the Day- November 24, 2018”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana

    My sentence is –
    According to me it was a bizarre to watch T.V with no colours in the olden days.
    Thanks ma’am
    Videh Jain
    IV B


  2. Dear ma’am Tarana
    I could make many connections from this word.
    This word bizarre can replace the word “weird. For example Today Rita was wearing a very bizarre dress or Today Rita was wearing a very weird dress
    Gangesh Verma

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  3. Dear Ma’am Tarana ,
    Bizarre is a good word to replace from bad .
    For example. Grapes are very bad when eaten with ketchup or Grapes are bizarre when eaten with ketchup. The word bizarre sounds a little better than very bad
    Thank you ma’am Tarana
    V B


  4. Ma’am
    I could make a connection from this word that was in Harry Potter when Luna Lovegood wore a dress made out of junk and lot of plastic
    Thank you

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  5. Dear ma’am,
    I enjoy reading books and was able to make connections with many stories in which characters have bizzare powers.

    A synonym of bizzare is – strange.


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