Some Food for Thought

I was reminded of a quote from the movie “Rough book”- “Padhaane se sabse zyada fayda padhaane wale ko hota hai.”

  1. So which level are you on?
  2. Think of some ways you can teach others what you have learnt yourself.
  1. Can simply teach everything to ourselves again or our parents?
  2. Group studies can also help with this, provided we don’t waste our time or get easily distracted.

It’s not that reading, discussing and all other ways of learning are useless, but the last steps makes learning the most enduring(find out the meaning). Therefore, keep working on how you can remember the most of what you have learnt.

In my personal experience reading using the 5 reading strategies that good readers use, really makes a huge difference to how much we remember later. If you are simply reading words (without visualizing, predicting, making connections, asking questions or inferring), discussing something without much participation, or watching a video half-heartedly, then you wouldn’t remember much.

So what else can you do to learn better? Also, stay tuned for a blog on this soon!

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