Common Errors in English: Part- I

This picture tells us about some common mistakes we make in English. There are mistakes related to subject-verb agreement, use of correct adverb and many other grammar topics.

Just check which mistakes you make, and try to avoid them next time.

One mistake I have seen a lot of people make is using the past tense with ‘did or did not’.


Incorrect- Ma’am, I didn’t knew the answer.

Correct- Ma’am, I didn’t know the answer.

Always use the first form of verb with ‘did or did not’.

Only with conscious effort can we avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Also, instead of a new word today, I thought why don’t we go back to all the words that have been previously uploaded on the blog and pick out your favourite one, and give the reason why it was your favourite word. Maybe because you enjoyed using it with your friends, maybe because you could make a lot of connections with it, maybe because you love the way it works or sounds. The reason could be any of these or something else.

Do comment below which is your favourite word and why. Along with this, do write which of the above mistakes you commonly make and plan never to repeat.

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Happy word hunt!

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