Word of the Day

Word of the Day- November 17, 2018


(verb) examine one’s own thoughts or feelings

Sentence– The teacher told the student to introspect on his actions to find out how he could improve his behaviour and life.

Question– Can you think of any synonyms of this word?

Hint: You even have a corner in your classes to help you introspect.

Do make sure you revise, edit and uplevel your comments before you post them. Make sure your sentences are complete and meaningful.

Some parents came to me today to inform me how well all of you are using the blog. I realised that more number of children have made their personal dictionaries. Well, done!

Do show them to your English teachers and to me in the break (even if I don’t teach your class), so that I can announce the new list on the blog on Monday.

Happy weekend!

20 thoughts on “Word of the Day- November 17, 2018”

  1. Dear Maam Tarana,

    My sentence – When Luna was sent to detention because she was misbehaving in class, she tried to introspect why she was sent there and said sorry to the teacher.

    Ma’am the hint was very useful.

    Synonym of introspect is reflection.


  2. Dear Ma’am
    Thank you for this new word. I will surely use this in my vocabulary. My sentence is – We should introspection our actions can we improve on our behaviour and life.
    Ayushi Gupta


  3. Dear maam Tarana the synonym of introspect is self refflection . The which hint you gave other is( refflection corner).My sentence is – Rahul introspect his friends as they dont feel hurt.


  4. Dear ma’am,
    I really liked this word since it applies to actions we do.

    My sentence –
    It is better to think before speaking instead of having to instrospect later.

    Thank you for the hint. A synonym could be – reflection


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  5. Dear Ma’am Tarana,
    Thanks for a new word. I will try to use it.
    Here’s my sentence –
    It is very important for all of us to introspect into our own minds.
    IV B


  6. Dear ma’am Tarana
    My sentence is – As Jack’s feelings come all over his face ,it is easy to introspect him.
    Thanks ma’am for hint it’s synonym – Selfreflection
    Thanks ma’am
    Videh Jain
    IV B


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