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Word of the Day- November 11, 2018


(noun) self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation

Sentence– During the bomb scare, the teacher managed the children with aplomb and kept everyone calm.

Question– What visual comes to your mind when you see this word?

I can visualize a child standing on the stage with bright lights all around. She is presenting her part with aplomb due to which she gets a great applause. I could hear the clapping. She smiles and comes backstage.

Let me know about your visuals.

22 thoughts on “Word of the Day- November 11, 2018”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana
    Here is my sentence – In my storytelling competition, I narrated the story with great aplomb as I knew I would surely win.
    Thanks ma’am to enrich our vocabulary
    Videh Jain
    IV B


    1. Dear Maam
      When I heated this word in this blog, I thought that the meaning would be to praise someone but when I read the meaning I got to know it .


  2. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    This word was amazing but hard
    I couldn’t understand this word before I read the sentence.
    This is my sentence – I was aplomb while swimming in the competition so I won it.

    Gangesh Verma


    1. Gangesh, a better way to use the word in your sentence would be-

      During the competition I swam with aplomb so I won it.


  3. We don’t say that we have aplomb on ourselves. We can simply say that- I ran with aplomb due to which I was able to perform very well.


  4. Dear Ma’am Tarana as I came to
    know this word means self confidence.Eg-As I love running its my favourite sport while I run a race I always have aplomb on
    myself that I may stand a good position in the race.Eg no.2-Whenever we do any thing with hardwork and a lot of practice we
    have aplomb on ourselves that we will succeed in doing that particular activity.Thanks ma’am
    for this word as this word is new
    to me.I will share this word with my family and ask them if they know this word.Thanks
    Devnam(4-C )


  5. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    I have a sentence – When I was facing a strong opponent on the football field,I was filled with great aplomb.
    Tanay Dutta


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