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Word of the Day- November 10, 2018


i. (verb) love and respect someone deeply

Sentence– Rohit adores his mother, so he helps her out with her work at home.

ii. (verb) worship, venerate

Sentence– Some people adore fire believing it to be a form of the divine.

19 thoughts on “Word of the Day- November 10, 2018”

  1. Dear mam,
    I could make a lot of connections from this word.This word makes me think that the person you adore the most is your role model or a person whom you respect.In my vocabulary- I adore Enid Blyton and want to become like her some day.

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  2. Dear Ma’am Tarana I already knew this word.I want to thank,
    you for sharing this word.Also,
    this word reminds me about love
    and respect.Now I can remember
    this word and use this word often
    in my vocabulary.Eg-Riya adores her parents as they give her all the things she wants.Thanks
    Devnam (4-C)

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  3. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    I already knew this word and even used it many times
    This is my sentence – Ram adores his parents because his parents don’t scold him but love him

    Gangesh Verma


    1. Dear Ma’am Tarana, I visualized love in my mind when I read this word and thank you for sharing it so I can use it in my vocabluary.
      Eg: I adore my sister very much because she is very loving and caring.
      Regards Riddhi (IV-C)

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    2. Dear Angad,
      You may use the word adore in a better way and tell why you adore your mother.
      I’m sure you don’t adore your mother simply because she buys you clothes 😄


  4. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    From this word,in the first sentence I could visualize that a boy is respects or loves her mother. In the second sentence I visualized that people pray to fire.
    V A


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