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Word of the Day- November 9, 2018


(adjective) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened

Sentence– The proactive student who worked on his weak areas with a plan in mind, scored better than his friend who idled away his time in video games and studied at the last moment.

16 thoughts on “Word of the Day- November 9, 2018”

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana
    I couldn’t imagine how many connections are there with the word “proactive” , specially in school and class. Sometimes it is even applicable at home.

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  2. Dear Ma’am Tarana
    This is my sentence – Ram showed an proactive act by helping Arjun even though he was not his friend.
    Thanks ma’am
    Gangesh Verma
    IV – B


  3. Ma’am Tarana
    I also made a lot’s of connections with the word proactive and ma’am I have heard and used this word lots of time.
    5 A


  4. Dear ma’am I have used this word a lot times before while talking to my parents and friends. Here is my sentence – The proactive boy cleaned the dirty class before being asked to , by the teacher. Thanks ma’am Videh Jain
    IV B

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