The Art of Writing Narratives

So how should one write a narrative? Well here’s a PPT to explain just that. It has all the elements of a story that we discussed in class, in detail.

Elements of a Story PPT

But once you know all the elements of a good story, how should you put it down to make it interesting for the reader? Well, you can do this simply by climbing “Plot Mountain”. Go through the link given below to know more about the structure of a good story.

The above two resources teach you how to write a good story. But you will get better only when you practice. Jot down your ideas, make a rough draft and edit it again and again. You will know you are good to go when you can enjoy your story not just as a writer but also as a reader.

So grab your pencils… or laptops and start writing! Who knows you could be the next J.K. Rowling…

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