My Elder Brother- Audio

The link to the audio of “My Elder Brother”.

So finally it’s here! This audio is a good resource for practising the skill of reading with voice modulation and can also be used to improve listening comprehension. Good reading, after all, is reading with voice modulation, proper diction and most importantly with good comprehension.

Notice the voice modulation by both the readers in the audio. Sometimes it makes one feel as if a skit being performed by two actors.

For improving listening comprehension, one must try to see if you were able to visualize the story, make connections along the way, or felt some emotion while reading. Also, test yourself at the end about how many details you remember correctly. To take it a level higher, challenge yourself by asking these questions-

  • What did I learn from this story?
  • Would I want to change anything in the story?
  • Which character was my favourite and why?

There’s much more that one can ask and learn from a story but for now, let us take these first few steps to deeper learning.

So, listen, understand and practice.

P.S. Notice the use of a grabber, the conclusion, transitions ( all highlighted) and the punctuation marks in the write-up above.

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